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Vought O2U Corsair

Vought O2U Corsair Biplane History
The Vought O2U Corsair biplane was built as an observation and scout aircraft by the Vought Corporation, New York, for the United States Navy. Construction consisted of a fuselage, made from tube steel, and wooden wings covered with fabric. The first production orders were placed after the successful trials of two prototypes by the Navy Trial Board. There were many versions of the Corsair O2U biplane, including: XO-28, O2U-1, O2U-2, O2U-3, O2U-4, O3U-1 O3U-2, O3U-3, O3U-4, XO3U-5, XO3U-6, O3U-6, SU-1, SU-2, SU-3, XSU-4 and SU-4. Several were used as amphibians and seaplanes.

Versions of the Vought Corsair produced for export included: Vought V-65B, V-65C, V-65F, V-66B, V-66E, V-66F, V-80F, V-80P, V-85G, V-92C, V-93S, V-99M, TNCA Corsario Azcarate and the Vought AXV1.

The Vought O2U Corsair Biplane Operational History
The SU-1 to SU-4 designations were allocated to the Vought Corsair biplanes that were used as scouts by the United States Navy. Vought SU-1 Corsair biplanes served, from 1932 to 1934, aboard the Lexington class aircraft carrier USS Saratoga and the Essex class aircraft carrier USS Lexington. Vought Corsair biplanes were also serving aboard battleships and were used by the United States Marines and United States Coast Guard. The United States Marine corps used Vought Corsairs to evacuate casualties from Nicaragua during the intervention. Many Vought Corsair biplanes remained in service during WW2. Vought Corsairs also saw action in the hands of the Mexicans, Chinese, Peruvians and Thais.

Various scale models, model kits and plans of this aircraft have been available in the market place.

Vought SU-4 Corsair Biplane Specifications:

Vought O2U Corsair Crew:
Vought O2U Corsair Length:
27ft 5in (8.37m)
Vought O2U Corsair Wingspan:
36ft 0in (10.97m)
Vought O2U Corsair Height:
11ft 4in (3.45m)
Vought O2U Corsair Wing area:
337ft (31.31 m)
Vought O2U Corsair Empty weight:
3,312lb (1,502kg)
Vought O2U Corsair Maximum takeoff weight:
4,765lb (2,161kg)
Vought O2U Corsair Engine:
Single Pratt & Whitney R-1690-42 Hornet radial, 600 hp (447 kW)
Vought O2U Corsair Maximum speed:
167mph (269 km/h)
Vought O2U Corsair Range:
680 mi (1,094 km)
Vought O2U Corsair Service Ceiling:
18,600ft (5,670m)

Vought SU-4 Corsair Biplane Armament:

3x .30 cal (7.62 mm) Browning machine guns

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