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Vickers Victoria Biplane History
The Vickers Victoria biplane was a transport aircraft built by the British engineering company Vickers Limited. It was powered by twin Napier Lion engines and, with foldaway canvas seating along the sides of the fuselage, had the capacity to carry 22 troops. The first of two prototypes, Type 56 designated Victoria Mk I, made it’s first flight at Brooklands on September 22, 1922; the second prototype, Type 81 designated Victoria Mk II, first flew in January 1923. Several changes were made during production resulting in the following models: Type 56 Victoria Mk I, Type 81 Victoria Mk II, Type 117, Victoria Mk III, Type 145 Victoria Mk IV, Type 169 Victoria Mk V and Type 262 Victoria Mk VI. The changes made included the introduction of metal frames instead of wood, the introduction of swept back wings and the upgrade to Bristol Pegasus radial engines.

The Vickers Victoria Operational History
These aircraft were used by the Royal Air Force who received delivery of the first Mk IIIs in February 1926. They were principally used for transport duties in the Middle East with the Iraq based 70 Squadron and the Egypt based 216 Squadron. These duties included carrying troops to places of budding unrest and for long range training flights. The Royal Air Force’s Central Flying School used one as a trainer for ‘blind flying’.

The Vickers Victoria Kabul Airlift
The most notable operation carried out with the involvement of these biplanes was the Kabul Airlift. 586 people, including British Legation personnel and their families along with the Afghan royal family, were rescued from Kabul by a fleet of aircraft which included several Victoria biplanes.

The Victoria was retired from service in 1935, however, around two thirds of the original 83 that were built had been converted to Victoria Valentia biplanes and continued their service into WW2.

Various scale models, model kits and plans of this aircraft have been available in the market place.

Vickers Victoria Biplane Specifications:

Vickers Victoria Crew:
Vickers Victoria Capacity:
22 troops
Vickers Victoria Length:
59ft 6in (18.14m)
Vickers Victoria Wingspan:
87ft 4in (26.62m)
Vickers Victoria Height:
17ft 9in (5.41m)
Vickers Victoria Wing area:
2,178ft² (202.4 m²)
Vickers Victoria Empty weight:
10,030lb (4,559kg)
Vickers Victoria Loaded weight:
17,760lb (8,073kg)
Vickers Victoria Engine:
Twin Napier Lion XI inline piston engines, 570 hp (388 kW) each
Vickers Victoria Maximum speed:
110mph (177km/h)
Vickers Victoria Range:
770 mi (1,240km)
Vickers Victoria Service Ceiling:
16,200ft (4,940m)
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