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Supermarine Stranraer

Supermarine Stranraer Biplane History
The Supermarine Stranraer was designed as a coastal reconnaissance flying boat by Reginald J. Mitchell and built for the British Air Ministry by the Supermarine Aviation Works. With a structure composed mainly of duraluminium, the hull was covered with sheet metal and the wings with fabric. The prototype was fitted with twin Bristol Pegasus IIIM 820 horsepower engines and made it’s first flight on July 24, 1934. It was delivered to the Royal Air Force on October 24, 1934. The first production aircraft was fitted with the more powerful Bristol Pegasus X 920 horsepower engines. It completed it’s maiden flight in December 1936 and entered service on April 16, 1937. In total, 17 of these biplanes were supplied to the RAF.

A further 40 Supermarine Stranraer biplanes were built, under license, by the Canadian Vickers company for the Royal Canadian Air Force.

The Supermarine Stranraer Biplane Operational History
Between 1937 and 1941, the Royal Air Force used 17 of these biplanes to carry out coastal reconnaissance. With an insignificant performance and general dislike by both ground and flight crews, it gained many nicknames including: whistling birdcage, flying Meccano set, strainer and whistling shithouse.

The Royal Canadian Air Force biplanes were in service with them between 1938 and 1944, and used for anti–submarine coastal patrols.

The Supermarine Stranraer Biplane Later Years
Several of these biplanes were sold to civilian airlines after World War II. Eight went to Aero Transport Ltd. of Tampa, Florida, and thirteen to Queen Charlotte Airlines of British Columbia, where they remained in use until 1957.

There is only one intact example in existence today. It was one of the Canadian Vickers built Stranraers that was used by the Royal Canadian Air Force before being operated by Canadian Pacific Airlines and finally Queen Charlotte Airlines. It is currently on display in the Royal Air Force Museum, London.

Various scale models, model kits and plans of this aircraft have been available in the market place.

Supermarine Stranraer Biplane Specifications:

Supermarine Stranraer Crew:
6 to 7
Supermarine Stranraer Length:
54ft 9in (16.7m)
Supermarine Stranraer Wingspan:
85ft 0in (25.9m)
Supermarine Stranraer Height:
21ft 9in (6.6m)
Supermarine Stranraer Wing area:
1,457ft˛ (135.4m˛)
Supermarine Stranraer Empty weight:
11,250lb (5,100kg)
Supermarine Stranraer Loaded weight:
19,000lb (8,620kg)
Supermarine Stranraer Engine:
Twin Bristol Pegasus X radial engines, 920 hp (685 kW) each
Supermarine Stranraer Maximum speed:
165mph (265 km/h)
Supermarine Stranraer Range:
1000 mi (1,610 km)
Supermarine Stranraer Service Ceiling:
18,500ft (5,640m)

Supermarine Stranraer Biplane Armaments:

3 × 0.303 in (7.7 mm) Lewis guns

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