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Supermarine Sea Otter

Supermarine Sea Otter Biplane History
The Supermarine Sea Otter, developed from the Supermarine Walrus, was designed and built by the Supermarine Aviation Works. Not only was it the final biplane flying boat to be designed by them, it was also the last biplane to go into service with the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. The test aircraft was originally fitted with a Bristol Perseus XI radial engine and a two bladed propeller, however the propeller was changed several times and ended up with four blades set at an angle of 30.

The Sea Otter had its first flight on September 23, 1938, however an order for production was not placed until January 1942. The Bristol Perseus XI Radial engine was replaced for the production aircraft following problems with cooling. The replacement engine was the Bristol Mercury XXX which drove a three bladed propeller. It was operated as a patrolling aircraft as well as for air-sea rescues by both the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy. Two variants were produced, the MkI and the MkII, however, due to the end of World War II, the order for 592 aircraft was cancelled after the supply of only 292.

It was also operated by the Australian Navy, the Danish Royal Air Force, the Royal Egyptian Air Force, the French Aeronavale and Troupes Coloniales and the Royal Netherlands Navy. There are none of these aircraft surviving.

Various scale models, model kits and plans of this aircraft have been available in the market place.

Supermarine Sea Otter Biplane Specifications:

Supermarine Sea Otter Crew:
Supermarine Sea Otter Length:
39ft 10in (12.16m)
Supermarine Sea Otter Wingspan:
46ft 0in (14.02m)
Supermarine Sea Otter Height:
15ft 1in (4.61m)
Supermarine Sea Otter Wing area:
610ft (56.7m)
Supermarine Sea Otter Empty weight:
6,805lb (3,093kg)
Supermarine Sea Otter Loaded weight:
10,000lb (4,545kg)
Supermarine Sea Otter Engine:
Single Bristol Mercury XXX radial piston engine, 965 hp (720 kW)
Supermarine Sea Otter Maximum speed:
163mph (262 km/h)
Supermarine Sea Otter Range:
690 mi (1,111 km)
Supermarine Sea Otter Service Ceiling:
17,000ft (5,180m)

Supermarine Sea Otter Biplane Armament:

4 x 250lb

3 x .303 in (7.7 mm) Vickers K machine guns

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