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Junkers CL1 History
The Junkers CL1 was a German WW1 ground attack monoplane manufactured by Junkers Fligzeug-und Motorenwerke and designated J8. The J8 was a development of the J7 (Junkers D1) fighter with larger wings and a longer fuselage to allow for a rear gunner. Itís construction was metal with a low wing assembly and itís single Mercedes D.111a 108 horse power engine gave it a maximum speed of 100 miles per hour. It's fire power consisted of three machine guns. Two faced forward and were fixed, the third faced the rear and was trainable.

The prototype was first flown in December 1917, after which three further aircraft were produced. Following acceptance by the Idflieg, Germany's Inspectorate of Flying Troops, an additional forty four of this aircraft were produced with the designation J10, and a further three were constructed as floatplanes (CLS1) and given the designation J11.

Junkers CL1 After WW1
When WW1 ended, a couple of the CL1 aircraft were converted, by installing a canopy over the rear gunnerís cockpit, and used commercially. Others were used by the Latvian Air Force.

Various scale models, model kits and plans of this aircraft have been available in the market place.

Junkers CL1 Specifications:

Junkers CL1 Crew:
Junkers CL1 Length:
25ft 11in (7.90m)
Junkers CL1 Wingspan:
39ft 6in (12.04m)
Junkers CL1 Height:
8ft 8ľin (2.65m)
Junkers CL1 Wing area:
253ft≤ (23.4 m≤)
Junkers CL1 Empty weight:
1,562lb (710kg)
Junkers CL1 Gross weight:
2,310lb (1,050kg)
Junkers CL1 Engine:
Single Mercedes D.IIIa, 134 kW (180 hp)
Junkers CL1 Maximum speed:
100mph (161 km/h)
Junkers CL1 Endurance:
2 Hours
Junkers CL1 Service Ceiling:
19,700ft (6,000m)

Junkers CL1 Armament:

2 ◊ Forward-firing machine guns
1 ◊ Rearward-firing machine gun
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